Friday, September 17, 2010

One Hospital, One Year

Parkland Memorial Hospital- does the name ring a bell? It's where John Kennedy died after his head was blown off by Oswald.

But nowadays, it's infamous for something else: the number of anchor babies that are born there every year.

The numbers are stunning, and because Parkland is a public hospital, it's all paid for by the taxpayer.

As far as maternity wards go, Parkland might as well be Grand Central Station, it's so busy. Every year approximately 16,000 babies are delivered there. And out of that 16,000, 70% are delivered by mothers who are illegal immigrants.

That comes to 11,200 babies a year.

That number is mind-numbing.

We are talking about just one hospital, in just one year.

This hospital is like Woodstock for illegal aliens, they come from near and far so that they can have a baby in the U.S. that-- just by being born in America-- will be granted full citizenship.

Think about that. Think about the crazy incentives we provide to illegal aliens: yes, you are breaking the law by being here, but if you happen to hatch a kid while breaking the law, that kid is a citizen.

The Anchor baby policy has to be rolled back. The new law should be called the "Fruit of the Poisonous Illegal Alien Act". It would be a law only one sentence long: "All children born on U.S. soil to illegal aliens are also illegal aliens."

And when President Christie signs it into law, I want him to open an INS Detention Center right next to the Maternity Ward at Parkland Public Hospital.

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