Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Going After The Wrong Guy

So it looks like Reggie Bush is going to get stripped of his Heisman Trophy because he took money from an agent.

From where I sit on the Stoop they are going after the wrong USC Heisman Trophy winning running back.

Reggie Bush took money. OJ Simpson beheaded two people.

I don't know what the NCAA field manual says, but somehow, I think what OJ did is worse.

But here is a possible solution:

If they insist on taking Bush's Heisman, why don't they give it to Fred Goldman?

OJ was found liable for the wrongful death of Goldman's son, and the $38 million dollar judgment has not been satisfied.

Give Goldman the trophy, he can sell it to satisfy a small part of the judgment, and when OJ gets out, he can continue his quest to find the real killer.

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