Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swing Away

It looks like Carl Paladino is going to take off the gloves and go after Son of Mario hard. Amen to that. He should be like Duran in the first Leonard fight: push him into a corner and don't let him out. This idea that Son of Mario is this moderate Democrat ready to lead New York back to fiscal sanity is like that noted philosopher Mike Tyson would say, "ludicrous."

When you examine Son of Mario's record, you will see that claiming he is a mainstream practical moderate is like looking at the back of Luis Castillo's baseball card and saying, "I think he's going to hit 40 home runs next year."

The man is a left-wing wrecking ball.

He got his start in the family business--politics-- by being his father's left hand man and chief advisor as Mario ran this state into the ground. Then his pappy sent him downstate to work for the most inept Mayor in the history of New York-David Dinkins. And if that wasn't enough, once his pappy agreed to not run against Bill Clinton, the president thanked Mario by naming Son of Mario the head of HUD, where his fingerprints are all over the sub prime mortgage mess since he implemented the federal government's policy to "encourage" banks to make loans to people who had no business receiving them. Moreover, as HUD Secretary, he remade Fannie & Freddie into the mess that has devastated this country.

So Son of Mario is that rare breed of liberal; a triple threat that has been able to implement ruinous liberal policies at the local, state and federal levels.

And we are going to reward this political hack with the governorship?

Take off the gloves, Carl Paladino.

And swing away.

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