Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How Liberal Law Professors Make Their Students Make Hostage Tapes

My pal Drew saw the questions that they asked the Miss USA contestants and it reminded him of the questions that radical liberal law professors would make their students answer. This is awesome-check it out:

I just happened to tune into the Miss USA pageant as Miss Oklahoma was being asked the illegal immigration question and, when she was giving her answer, I got a flashback to a question about abortion rights in my constitutional law final exam. The constitutional law question called for an opinion about how the Supreme Court should rule on a future abortion issue. At that moment, I knew that I was being used as a lab rat and that my grade was dependent on an answer that provided an outright embrace of the far-left "I love Roe v. Wade" dogma. If I didn't give the penumbra of privacy snow job, I knew my grade would suffer because the professor -a person high-up in the ACLU- would hate it. If my grade suffers, I don't get a good job. So I did a horrible thing. I compromised my beliefs. I now have a very good job, however, and get to thumb my nose at my upper west side neighbors.

So when Ms. Oklahoma was asked a highly charged political question about whether Arizona was engaging in racial profiling, I knew she had to say how horrible Arizona is because, implicit in the question, it was obvious the Judge was a flaming liberal. Unfortunately for Miss Oklahoma, she stuck to her true beliefs and gave an answer that 3/4 of all Americans agree with. As a result, Miss Oklahoma became runner up and Miss Michigan, who gave a PC answer to a softball question about whether insurance should pay for birth control, won the contest. Do we have any doubt that the Judge gave Miss Oklahoma a bad grade because she did not agree with his point of view. (Note, if you do have a doubt, see Carrie Prejean).

The moral of the story is that the liberals are the ones who always happen to the "Judges". When they are judging you, you can either be true to your beliefs and suffer the short-term consequences or bow down to their agenda in order to be ordained.

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