Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pinstripe Pussys

Last week's Sports Illustrated had a cover story on the four Yankee teammates that have played together since Mickey Mantle was Billy Martin's designated driver. Although the four have made close to half a billion between them, in the latest example of the pussification of America, they discussed how hard it was for them in the minors, and that they CRIED:

Jeter: I cried all the time—1992, when I first signed, similar to Mo. I had no roommate, because I signed late. .... I struggled for the first time. I cried almost every day. That was tough.

Posada: I went to junior college [in Decatur, Ala]. So I cried there.

Rivera: Not that I cried a lot. I did cry, like two, three times.

The Bronx Bitches.

After this revelation, ABC is in talks with these guys to take over "The View".

After the interview, they all went to the new Sex in the City movie together.

When they retire, they are going to put a giant box of Kleenex in monument park in their honor.

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