Friday, May 21, 2010

Things We Need to Prepare For If We Enforce Our Immigration Laws

A loyal Stoop reader (for the hell of it, let's call him "Robbie") received an email from his cousin-a liberal lawyer- on all of the "horrible" things that will happen if America begins enforcing its immigration laws. It was a list of the usual liberal bullshit: Americans are lazy, illegal aliens do jobs that Americans refuse to do, so be prepared to cut your own grass, paint your own house, etc. (Isn't it funny how people who devote their lives to lecturing others about the evils of stereotyping engage in the worst of stereotypes when they describe America & Americans?)

Anyway, Robbie had his own list of things that would happen if we did start to do the lawful thing and enforce our borders.

Here is his response to his cousin-the liberal lawyer:

You forgot to put these things on the list of what would happen if we enforced our immigration laws:

10)find new place to buy Kilos of Heroin
11)Force Teenagers to get a job
12)pay US Citizens 18$ an hr instead of paying illegals 8$ an Hr
13)pay 1.50 for a head of lettuce instead of 1.20
14) be prepared to wait an hr less in the emergency room

I could go on forever.

Did you hear about when ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raided the Swift meat packing plant in Oklahoma?

400 illegal workers were taken away. The next day, they had 800 citizens applying for the Jobs.

When Mexican lawyers are allowed to argue cases in court for $10 bucks an hour, I think we
might be hearing a different tune from you.

Hasta La vista Chaz.
From Cousin Roberto

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