Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Union's Puppet

A long -running theme on the Stoop has been the monopoly that the Teacher's Union has over public education.

What happened the other day tells you all you need to know about how the libs are controlled by these hacks. The Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came to NYC to visit a charter school & a public school. The union did not like the public school he picked to visit-because it was one of the rare schools where the principal was permitted to fire an incompetent teacher. So the union head called up their houseboy Duncan, and made him add a union -approved school to his itinerary.

The New York Slimes says it here:

When word circulated that Mr. Duncan planned to visit Kings Collegiate Charter School in Brownsville and Public School 65 in East New York, Randi Weingarten, the former head of the city’s teachers union, who is now president of the American Federation of Teachers, called him to express her disapproval. The principal of P.S. 65, Daysi Garcia, is one of only a few principals who have managed to have a teacher fired for incompetence. Several teachers have left since she took over several years ago, in part, union officials said, because they felt Ms. Garcia had treated them disrespectfully.

So at the union’s request, Mr. Duncan’s aides added a third school, Public School 241 in Crown Heights, to his itinerary.

Imagine that. They call him up and presto-he changes his schedule to meet the union's needs. Weingarten-who has done more to ruin public education than anyone in memory- should have gone all out: had Duncan wash her car; take lunch orders for union officials etc. We all know he would have done it.

Lesson: as long as the union literally controls what the Secretary of Education does, there will not be educational choice in America.

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