Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Under the health bill, parents get to keep their children on their health insurance coverage until age 26. You may wonder how they came up with that age-26. It actually is a reflection of the bipartisanship/ reaching across the aisle spirit that Obama is known for. You see if Obama had his way, kids would be able to stay on their parent's plan until age 52. He took that number and split it in half and came up with 26. It's called "splitting the baby." Speaking of splitting the baby, that is also covered under the socialized medicine bill, its under the chapter entitled "Partial Birth Abortion."

Lets steer the ship back to letting children stay on their parents health plans until age 26. What if the father says, "I want my kid to learn the values of independence, therefore, I want him to buy his own insurance." Will the father be fined by the Obama health czars for not providing insurance for his adult child? Doesn't a parent have the right to teach his ADULT child economic independence? If the father refuses, will the son be fined for not getting his own insurance? Pursuant to this bill, there will be 15,000 new IRS agents chasing down everybody for issues like this.

Look at how insane this is: You can be a 25 year old man who is a deadbeat dad, and the government will hardly lift a finger to force you to meet your financial obligations. And yet, because he is under 26, that same deadbeat dad will have the statutory right to have his own health coverage subsidized by his gainfully employed father.

For those scoring at home that means a 25 year old deadbeat dad who decides not to work or more likely hides his income is under no obligation to provide health care insurance to his infant child. But that same deadbeat has the legal right to be on his father's insurance.

Socialism distorts reality folks. It creates DISINCENTIVES that lead people down an unproductive path.

Welcome to that world.

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