Thursday, March 4, 2010

Selective Outrage

I think its time to step back and have a little perspective on Governor Patterson's current situation.

Let's assume everything we have read about it is true. That his main advisor was accused of domestic violence. That he was charged with a misdemeanor for domestic abuse. (He wasn't arrested or charged with a felony because their were no injuries.) And that Patterson asked the woman to consider dropping the charges.

We are told by the press that domestic violence is a serious crime. Baldman agrees. We are also told that what Patterson did was inexcusable. No argument there. But when the press, liberal politicians & the National Organization of Women (NOW) say what Patterson did is so horrible, so wrong, that he must immediately resign-that's where you lose Baldman.

If these people were Jeopardy contestants, their best category would be "Selective Outrage".

Remember how Patterson's detractors called for Ted Kennedy to resign after killing a woman? Me neither. It never happened. To keep the Patterson analogy intact, maybe the press would have called for the resignation of the politician who asked MaryJo's family to not pursue criminal charges against Teddy. Oh, my bad, the press never did that, because the politician who asked Mary Jo's family to not press charges was Teddy himself. So in this case, Kennedy played the role of Patterson's aide (the person accused of domestic violence) and Patterson himself (the powerful politician who asked someone to drop the charges). The main difference of course, is in Patterson's case the victim suffered no physical injuries. In Teddy's case, the victim ended up dead at the bottom of a lake.

Remember how they called for Clinton's resignation? He was accused of exposing himself (Paula Jones); forcing himself on a woman who asked for a job after her husband committed suicide (Kathleen Wiley) & even rape (Juanita Broderick). But he needed to be left alone so he could work on behalf of the American people, right?

Bottom line: Patterson is a choir boy compared to these degenerates.

"Alex, I will take 'Double Standards' for $200 please."

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