Sunday, March 28, 2010

Be Prepared

Leaving aside how jacked up the substantive aspects of the health care bill are, the actual implementation to get things up and running is going to be a nightmare.

If what currently happens in our chaotic systems can serve as a road map for what will happen, then be prepared to be frustrated beyond anything you have experienced.

One visitor we have here on the Stoop is a lawyer pal of Baldman named CC. CC settled a case where his client will receive some cash. Since Medicaid provided/subsidized services for CC's client, they have lien on the settlement proceeds. So the case can't be officially settled until Medicaid gets its cut. So far so good. Most reasonable would agree that if someone gets a windfall of cash, and prior to that windfall they received substantial help from the government, then the government should be reimbursed.

On paper it sounds good. On paper. But here is what has happened in reality. The case settled in November. Since that time CC has contacted Medicaid numerous times to forward them the cash they are owed. The New York Office refers him to the Philly office. The Philly office sends him to the Saint Louis office. One office tells him to fill out a form. The other office tells him, no that is the wrong form, fill out this one. Endless bureaucracy.

For 6 months, CC has tried to GIVE MEDICAID MONEY. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. And for 6 months, he can't get a straight answer from that agency.

Think about that. Medicaid has been up and running for almost half a century. And yet, they are still not able to handle a basic transaction.

The mind boggles at what its going to be like to deal with all the moving parts of the socialized medicine middle class entitlement program.

Remember right now, the new law is just words written on a piece of paper. But those words will come to life.

It will be a nightmare.

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