Saturday, March 6, 2010

Denying The Father

I hate to say it, or see it, but it looks like Andrew Cuomo will be the next Governor of New York. But there is something about him that should disqualify him from seeking higher office. And no, I am not talking about him being hopelessly liberal, which he is. Nor am I talking about the prosecutorial abuses he engaged in as NY's Attorney General.

It's something more fundamental than politics. I'm talking about how he refers to his dad- Mario Cuomo. You will see it during the campaign. Guaranteed. In public, he does not call him "dad" or "my father" or any other of the normal names a son calls a father. Instead, he calls him "Mario". He will answer a reporter's question about his father by saying: "Well, Mario's position is" or "I talk to Mario often" or even "The difference between Mario & I". He ALWAYS does it. He cannot bring himself to call his father "dad" in public. It is odd. It is disconcerting. And in my view, it makes him too weird to be Governor of the State of New York.

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