Thursday, March 18, 2010

Never Go Against The Family

The President has now secured Dennis (Fredo) Kucinich's vote for the socialized medicine bill. As an avowed Communist, Fredo Kucinich's beef with the bill was that the takeover of 1/6 of the economy through this bill DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear the negotiations. Because Obama, the Socialist, and Fredo Kucinich, the Communist, both have the same goals: TO TEAR DOWN THIS COUNTRY. They just disagree on how fast they should go to bring about about achieving that goal.

Fredo Kucinich is what I call a Kami-Commie. (A combination of Kamikaze & Communist.) Kami-Commie's want the government to control every aspect of American life ASAP. Kami-Commie's want to take America to the highest cliff and have her jump off.

But Socialists see it a little differently. They have more patience. Of course, they want to destroy the country, but the don't mind seeing it happen a little at a time. They are sadistic in that way. Take over a car company here, a bank there, salary caps and wealth spreading, & then you "give" health care to the dependent masses.

So while Kami-Commie's like Fredo Kucinich want to make America jump off the highest of cliffs, Sociailists like Obama are content with putting America in a barrel and watching her roll down a very big mountain.

Which makes the negotiations between the two so fascinating. I picture Obama sending Rahm Emanuel to go talk to Fredo Kucinich. Fredo lays out his Commie plan. Rahm tells him "It's not what Barack wants." "WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT?" Fredo fires back. "I'm smart. I can get things done. Not like people say. Hey Fredo, chair this mickey mouse subcommittee. Fredo, drive Janet Napolitano to the airport."

Somehow, they worked out their differences.

But if I were Fredo Kucinich, I would not go fishing with Rahm Emanuel.

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