Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Man For All Times

The 3 minute Ronald Reagan chat to the American people linked below should be shown in every classroom in this country. Reagan, in his last year in office, warns young Americans that an informed patriotism and love for our common heritage has fallen out favor with the popular culture. That they must resist that wayward thinking. And seek knowledge of our glorious past. And honor it. The more you think about it, Ronald Reagan was simultaneously a man of his time and a man ahead of his time. Everything he warned about in these 3 minutes is even truer now.

Check it out:

"But change would not mean
rejection of the past. Like a tree
growing strong through the
seasons, rooted in the Earth and
drawing life from the Sun, so, too,
positive change must be rooted in
traditional values—in the land, in
culture, in family and community—
and it must take its life from the
eternal things, from the source of
all life, which is faith. Such change
will lead to new understandings,
new opportunities, to a broader
future in which the tradition is not
supplanted but finds its full
flowering. That is the future
beckoning to your generation."
-Ronald Reagan
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