Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Hall of Fame Pitcher Hits A Home Run

Jim Bunning is a Senator from Kentucky. He also is one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history, and is a member of the Hall of Fame. And even though Bunning has thrown a couple of no hitters, Baldman believes that his best pitch was thrown last week, when he blocked the a bill that would extend unemployment benefits that will soon run out.

Now I know it sounds heartless and cruel. But if you analyze Bunning's position, how can you be aganist it?

What Bunning is saying is this: Let's extend the benefits. But lets pay for that extension now. Don't put it on the credit card. Don't kick the can down the road. Don't saddle the next generation with this debt.

Bunning wants to use the unspent funds from last year's so-called Stimulus Bill to pay for the extension.

What is wrong with that?

Bunning should be inducted in the Hall of Fame for a second time for perfectly framing the issue: whenever the Congress wants to add new spending, that cash should come from cutting an existing federal program.

Of course, Bunning has been hit with a sh*tstorm of criticism by the liberal media. He has been portrayed as uncaring about the plight of the unemployed.

But no matter what they say about Bunning, in your heart, you know he is right.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agreed that Bunning is a nut! Even people in his party concurred that Bunning was not pitching straight on this one. In a time of the great recession, you and Bunning are saying that ordinary American folks don't need the help, but Wall Street does. Where were you and Bunning when the prior administration spent like hell was coming? No one said, show us the money first. Now the s**t is here to be cleaned up by someone else.

Alex Baldman said...

Just to clarify:

1) As you must have missed above, Bunning is in favor of extending the benefits. He just wanted Congress to pay for them. I know, it seems like a novel concept,to actually pay for something instead of borrowing the cash from the Chinese and expecting the next generation to pay the bill.

2)Regarding Wall Street, you are factually wrong: Bunning voted AGAINST the Wall Street bailouts. I was against it as well & you can find that on this blog.

3) Obama positions himself as cleaning up the mess. Please. He voted for the budgets which contained massive spending while he was in the Senate. Guess that makes him part of that mess,no?

4)As President,Obama has spent like the Socialist that he is. So let me get this straight: Obama was concerned about spending prior to his presidency but his solution to that is MASSIVE UNPRECEDENTED spending while he is in office? the logic escapes me...