Friday, March 5, 2010

Leave Him Alone

Now they are coming after Patterson because he got free Yankee tickets. They claim its an ethical violation. This has to be the first time in world history that a blind guy has gotten into trouble for VIEWING something.

Leaving aside the fact that just rooting for the Yankees is unethical & immoral-what's the big deal about the Governor getting free tickets to a ball game? If Patterson violated some ethical code by going to just one game, then Mayor Giuliani should become cell mates with Bernie Kerik for all the goddamn Yankee games he attended. Regardless of whether he paid for the tickets. When Rudy was Mayor, every time I watched a Yankee game Giuliani & his goofy son were sitting in special seats installed especially just for them on the on deck circle.

Giuliani was at Yankee Stadium more often than Derek Jeter.

And Patterson's the bad guy here?

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