Saturday, October 31, 2009

Behind The Masks

Since today is Halloween, its as good a time as any to compare/contrast the two biggest masqueraders in recent American History: Bill Clinton & Barack Obama.

They are similar in that they both present a false face to the public. They are also similar in that they both have a hard time faking a respect for all things concerning the U.S. military. (How shameful is it that recent logs show that Obama has talked more to George "I don't have a" Clooney & Oprah than General McCrystal?)

But there is a big difference between these two mask-wearers: Clinton tried hard to convince the American people that he had a set of beliefs that he would use to govern-when nothing could be further from the truth- while Obama wears an opposite mask; he has a fully formed political ideology/belief system but he tries very hard to not let the American people know that he has one, never mind letting them know what that belief system is.

First, lets briefly examine Bill Clinton. He worked his ass off like a Glenn Gary Glenn Ross real estate salesman all in an effort to make people think that he cared about them and would enact government programs to help the American people. But the man was concerned with only one thing: what's best for Bill Clinton. That's why he could be all things to all people. That's why he could sign the In Defense of Marriage Act as President and advocate for gay marriage as an Ex-President.

If you don't believe me than please explain: how could the same man celebrate Robert E. Lee Day and Confederate Flag Day while in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion and then later on open his office in Harlem? The man has no core values. None.

Obama has something quite opposite to hide: that he is man of the hard-left; a socialist to the core who wants government involvement in as many aspects of American life as possible.

But he knows that Americans are way too independent to eat off of that menu; therefore, he does his best to hide it. And hide it well.

That's why he campaigned as a man of the center, that's why he even faked saying that he wanted to fight a more aggressive war in Afghanistan.

You know how in basketball, you are taught to play defense by looking at his abdomen? The idea is by doing so, you will not fall for ball fakes, head fakes etc. And you will tell exactly where the offensive player wants to go by watching his midsection.

For politicians, a similar rule is don't pay attention to what they say, look at what they do and what they've done. If you do that with Obama, what other conclusion could you come up with?
From starting his political career by raising cash in the living room of a domestic terrorist (Bill Ayers), to worshipping at the altar of the American hater extraordinaire Reverend Wright, to the appointment of Mao-lovers as czars, to nationalizing auto & banks, what other rational conclusion is there?

If you just listened to Obama, and used the TelePrompter- fed words to describe his politics, you would be more faked out than a middle-aged over weight man trying to guard Pistol Pete Maravich.

So there you have it: the Bill & Barry Masquerade Ball that has fooled millions.

But if they rang my bell on the Stoop today, they won't get no candy.

Cause I see right through their masks.

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