Friday, October 16, 2009

Rushing To Sack Limbaugh

Some thoughts on the NFL denying Rush Limbaugh's attempt to be part of an ownership group:

Don't Understand

Say I woke up and read the paper and the headline said "Olbermann, Maher & Moore to Buy NFL Franchise". Now these men go to the left more often than Bernard King on a fast break (with apologies to Bernard for comparing anything he does/did to these ..... men.) As much as I find their views toxic and wrong for America, it would never ever ever occur to me to think or say "This transaction must be stopped." If they got the money to buy, and someone is wiling to sell, who am I to get in the way of that?

Rush Is Bad For the NFL

That is the position of the NFL Commissioner. Let's see, the NFL is filled with people with drug convictions, spousal abusers, illegal fire arm carriers and shooters, dog torturers, DWI killers and your run of the mill assault and battery crowd. And this is just the cheerleaders. C'mon, a couple of years ago, the Cincinnati Bengals had more guys arrested during the season than the number of touchdowns they scored. If you ran a rap sheet on the whole league, there would be so much paper, a rain forest would disappear. Teams have abandoned the shot gun offense because guys were bringing Uzis to practice. And Rush Limbaugh is bad for the league? Please. That's as preposterous as having a guy in the NFL Hall of Fame who murdered two people by just about slicing their heads off. Oh, wait... that happened.

The Main Stream Media (MSM): Whores with No Standards

If you ever needed a text book case as to why the main stream media is on the endangered species list, look to this case. The case against Rush was generated by statements attributed to Rush that he never said. The MSM used false Wiki entries as a primary source. They never attempted to verify the veracity of the quotes, no double sourcing, they just ran it like it was the Gospel truth. And get this: once the MSM were made aware that the quotes they were using were false, they could care less. Their rationale: " It sounds like something he would say anyway." I'm not kidding. So much for journalistic integrity sports fans. Rush is broadcasting to millions 5 days a week. His every word is heard. Yet, he is so utterly offensive, they can't, you know, attribute real quotes to him? You know, my wiki page says that I have lush, thick hair. I'm not going to correct it, but believe it if you want. Bottom line: The MSM would have to climb Mount Everest just to get into the gutter.

The Blitzers: Al & Jesse

Isn't it awesome that the MSM's go to guys when people are allegedly "offended" are men who have made patently offensive statements themselves? Jesse telling a Washingon Post reporter that NY was "Hymie Town", (You see I'm a regular Woodward & Bernstein, I just attributed a statement to Jesse without using wiki. Where is my Pulitzer? ) Al declaring he did not want white interlopers in Harlem at the Freddie's Fashion Mart protest, (later on a protester burned the place to the ground killing 8 people) Al during the Crown Heights riots: "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house." And on and on.
So get it straight: The people who have the attributable offensive statements (Jesse) get to use made up false statements to stop a man from entering a business deal. And the media laps it up like the dogs they are. What a country.

Offending NFL Players

There is this idea that if Rush owned the team, black players would be offended and would not want to play for that team. To that I say, that is their right. NFL players make millions of dollars, and they have free agency rights to shop their services to all teams. If they are drafted by a team owned by Rush, and it means that much to them, they could either force a trade, or enter into the next year's draft. With 10% unemployment, two wars, urban schools in shambles, do we really need to worry about millionaires with a lot of choices?

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