Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Very Revealing Answer

I believe we get the real Obama in those rare unscripted TelePrompter-less moments. (By the way, with the amount of Maoists in his administration, I would not be shocked if the words on the teleprompter were written in perfect Mandarin.)

About two weeks ago, Obama made his first trip to New Orleans since he became President. He only stayed a couple hours, because the man of the people had a more important event to attend too later that day: a Democratic Party Fundraiser in the People's Republic of San Francisco.

Now here is where the unscripted moment comes in. To me, its the New Orleans version of the Joe the Plumber moment. It is a simple question from an American to his president:

"I expected as much from the Bush administration, but why are we still being nickeled and dimed in our recovery?" asked Gabriel Bordenave, 29, of New Orleans.

"I wish I could write a blank check," Obama replied, promoting Bordenave to shout back, "Why not?

Three Observations on the Question & Response

First, Obama implies that his hands are tied on this one. That he cannot do what he wants to do. Is he kidding? He has the Presidency, the House & the Senate. There is no government gridlock going on here. The American people tossed the keys to the car to the liberal politicians.

Now drive.

Second, the response "I wish I could write a blank check" is a peek into Obama's hopelessly liberal soul. What does it tell us? It tells us a lot. First, it says that money can solve any social problem. Just look at our rotten to the core public school systems and you will know it is not true. Second, it shows no planning, no growth, just throw money at the problem-community organizer style. What about tax incentives to get businesses to relocate to Nee Orleans and give the people some decent jobs? He says nothing about this. He is a spread the wealth man-never forget that. Finally, by saying he would issue a blank check, he shows that he has no respect for our tax dollars, or the deficit. A blank check? How irresponsible could a President be with the people's money?

And third, if this came up during the campaign, Obama's answer would have received tremendous scrutiny. And you know what would have happened? Gabriel Bordenave, the American who asked the question, would have had his life turned upside down by liberal rats going through his finances, his personal life, etc., all because he asked Obama a question. That alone will lead to a smear campaign, from the "right to privacy" cabal.

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