Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus: Enemy of the Progressive Crowd

Yesterday was Columbus Day. I talked to three libs about it, they called Columbus a blood thirsty mass murderer. A pal of mine told me when he was in law school, students wore black arm bands to protest Columbus Day.

How does a man go from being a hero to a genocidal maniac in one generation?

Here is an attempt to explain why:

Pluribus Unum, which means “Out of many, one." and has been on the seal of the United States since 1776.

Some points

While we are very eager to show our love, respect and affection for the lands of our ancestors, it would be great to see some of that outward display for America and its heroes, which includes brave explorers that landed here like Columbus .

I guess the larger & central question for all of us as Americans is "Who are we?"

Are we tied together by mere geography, all in search of economic freedom, a coast to coast job mart? Get a good job, raise your own family,and do what you want, live by your own code is that what ties us together as a nation? Is that what some would call the American Dream?

I guess some of you would say yes.

But I reject that out of hand.

It can't be just that. What binds us is our common heritage, culture, language, literature, history & heroes.

To much blood has been spilled for me to ever think what those before me were fighting and dying for was a coast to coast flea market.

It's more than that. Much more than that.

But I can see why it's hard in contemporary America to openly express joy in our American heritage.

You see, a lot of what you were taught as children as good is now seen as bad.

Give me the child for six years and he will be a Marxist for life.

When we were children,we were rightly taught to venerate those who came before us,our founding fathers, these brave souls that set up the greatest social compact in human history.

Our history books were bursting with American heroes like Patrick Henry & Nathan Hale. "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country!" "Give me liberty or give me death!" These brave Americans wailed.

These brave Americans have been erased from our history books in our secular progressive schools. Instead our children are taught that our founding fathers were slave-owning genocidal blood-thirsty maniacs. No wonder why Nathan Hale is now known only as a pub in lower Manhattan with a joker-poker machine. No wonder why Marty Markowitz had the audacity to remove the portraits of "dead white men" (his words) from Borough Hall because they did not "accurately reflect the diversity of Brooklyn."

These progressive Gods of modernity are shrewd, I tell you. They realize when you disconnect a people from their history, you've delivered a Joe Frazier-like body blow.

Once that is accomplished, you can take their calendars away. Impose new heroes from on high. Is it any wonder why Washington's birthday is not a holiday? Is it any surprise that Earth Day is more celebrated in America than the lives of Adams,Jefferson,Madison,Hamilton & Monroe combined?

Once you control the schools, the history, and language, you still need the culture. You need to be able to mold progressive heroes that are acceptable to the Gods of modernity. You also need to strike with brute force against the infidels- the keepers of the old flame of traditional America.

But that's an easy one for the progressives. Hollywood & the media are capos in this war.

Look at the movie industry. It actually awards pedophiles like Roman Polanski & Woody Allen. It even rewards straight-up traitors like Jane Fonda. (Who should appear next to Benedict Arnold in all American History books.) The message: "These people should be admired & emulated. That is why we are giving them this award."

That also goes for the movies Hollywood makes. Make a movie about radicals like Che Guevara,and watch the good reviews and the trophies come rolling in. Again,the message: these are the new heroes, and you better start worshiping at the progressive altar.

Never underestimate the power of movies over the masses. There are those among us that get their history straight from Oliver Stone. These poor souls will tell you that John Candy & and Joe Pesci were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy because they saw JFK.

But just as important as the movies Hollywood makes is the movies they will never make.

Think we will ever see a Hollywood movie celebrating the lives Pope John Paul II or Cardinal O'Connor? These men led incredibly interesting lives, and became the spiritual leaders for billions. Their stories would illuminate the big screen. But we all know it will never happen. Why? They are not secular icons. In fact they are the enemy of the progressives. As a result, they would rather make a movie about Biggie Smalls, a crack-dealing rapper murdered at age 24.

Just as Hollywood has the ability to create heroes of mythical proportions, it also has the devastating power to tear down.

You don't think so? Look at how the American military has been portrayed in film. During World War II, movies were made to show the rightness of of cause, the heroic nature of our soldiers, and the solidarity back home.

Since Vietnam, our soldiers are portrayed as opium taking rapists, or Rambo like maniacs, or dumb hicks to stupid to know they are fighting for an unworthy cause.

You don't think there is fallout from this? Of course there is. It's designed to tear down our military servants as admirable Americans to be emulated. Is it any wonder that the military is not allowed on certain campuses? Is it any wonder that our military does not carry the prestige that it once had?

In the 20th Century, the American military brought more freedom to more people than anyone in the history of the world. More than King, Gandhi & Lincoln.

Prediction: When Hollywood gets around to making the Pat Tillman story,the main plot will not be how this man turned down millions of dollars to be an Army Ranger. No, the plot will center on how the government covered up the circumstances of his death. Bank on it.

Our military changed the maps of the world. And look how they are depicted in Hollywood. Stalin once said if he could control Hollywood, he could control the world. And he was right.


It's all connected folks. The gods of modern culture, language, and history have their own commandments. They are unforgiving gods,and they demand total adherence. To cross them is to be out of step with modern culture, and if you do,be prepared to be labeled racist, xenophobe,homophobe and worse.

And that's how Columbus went from being a hero to being Jeffrey Dahmer.

But as Bob Dylan says, you gotta serve somebody.

As for me, let me be clear: you will not find me in the church of the progressive gods.

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