Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Disgrace

Don't forget the Motor City-Laura Nyro & Labelle

To say Detroit has been devastated would be an understatement. Unemployment is at 28%, houses are worth nothing, and the education system is in shambles.

But a couple of years ago, a philanthropist wanted to do right by Detroit in a big way. He wanted to donate $200 million dollars to build 15 charter high schools. To give parents choices they so desperately need.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Detroit's tax base has been eroding for a long time, and $200 million and 15 charter schools could make a real difference.

So how in the hell was this proposal rejected by a city desperate for funds?

What happened was the UFT did not want charter schools. They see it as an invasion of their turf. They staged a walkout on a school day and used their power to get the city/state government to REJECT the proposal.

Listen up, and I say it over and over: the lack of educational choices in urban America is a moral offense. Liberals citizens and liberal politicians have locked far too many generations of children into schools that we all know should be closed.

They have chosen time and again to stand with the Teacher's Union and against parents and their children.

So please, do not ever let liberals tell you that they want to help people when in truth they have kept millions of American kids in education hell holes.

Below is a statement from Robert Thompson, the man who wanted to put the $200 million up to build the charter schools:

I am disappointed and saddened by the anger and hostility that has greeted our proposal. Because of these contentious conditions, we are not going to move forward with our planned charter high schools,” said Thompson. “Our proposal to build a number of new very small charter high schools in Detroit was intended to increase options for Detroit parents and children. The proposal was meant to be for kids and not against anyone or any institution.”

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