Friday, January 8, 2010

Ike Started It

Now that the college football season is over, the Stoop wants to tackle the Mike Leach/ Adam James story before it gets cold.

Up until December 29, 2009, Leach was the head football coach @ Texas Tech. James was a wide receiver on the team. Leach was fired after James' father, ESPN football announcer and ex college/NFL star Craig James, complained to Tech officials that after his son suffered a mild concussion, Leach banished him to an electrical closet while the rest of the team practiced. Texas Tech fired Leach one day before he was to receive an $800,000 bonus.

I saw this so- called electrical closet. It is BIGGER than the average NYC apartment. You can fit a couple of cars in there, and there was an ice machine and football dummies-and by that I don't mean Dallas Cowboy fans.

So what is really happening here?

The other day I looked up Adam James' statistics. He had 17 catches for the whole season. 17 catches in an offense that throws the ball like crazy.

I think that is what's driving the bus here. Craig James is acting like a stage Mom here. He reportedly complained often to the coaching staff on how Adam was being used in the offense.

If Leach ordered Adam James into a so-called electrical closet before every game and James had 80 catches, do you really think any complaint would have been made?

Leach's firing is just the latest symptom of a large disease that ails America.

And what is that ailment? Its the pussification of America. Everybody has a grievance. Everybody wants to tell you how much their feelings are hurt. This whole country if filled with people who see themselves as perpetual victims.

And now that disease has caught on in football, and its almost too much to bear.

You see, football is one of the last bastions of bravery in America. You have to be tough to play football. Physically tough. Mentally tough. In ain't for the faint-hearted.

But the Leach firing is a huge cannon ball shot by the grievance police into the belly of traditional American football.

Leach didn't even put his hands on James! And he got canned. Because of the brutal nature of football, a coach often uses unique/innovative methods to motivate men in order to properly prepare them for what happens on a football field.

But with the pussification of America, pretty soon most football teams are going to be coached by the Dr. Phil's of the world.

Its already happening. When Craig James played for SMU more than 25 years ago, if a player missed a blocking assignment, he might have received a cattle prod to his privates. And now he complains cause his kid was sent to a room by himself. Wow.

Again, it's happening throughout society. Back in the day, Baldman was taught by nuns who had perfected the Deacon Jones head slap. Trust me, it was a good motivating tool. Nowadays, the only thing you can hit a kid with is praise.

I blame General Eisenhower for unintentionally starting the pussification movement in America. When he made Patton apologize for slapping a cowardly soldier, (see the video link below) it was the "Patient Zero" moment that began infecting America with this awful malady.

From Patton to Leach- Baldman sees a straight line.

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