Monday, January 25, 2010

The Park Slope Version Of Carbon Offsets

Are you familiar with carbon offsets? The progressive Hollywood types who always preach about the environment use this practice to justify their 'do-as I say not as I do' lifestyle.

Here is how it works: You use your private jet to travel around the world. As a result, your carbon footprint is bigger than Jerry Lewis' head was a few years ago. But you can offset your carbon footprint and remain in the good graces of the green movement by donating money to plant trees in a third world country. If you say it sounds like being forgiven by the Church after you deposit a lot of cake into the collection plate, you will not get any argument from Baldman.

In Park Slope, they have their own version of the carbon offset-with a slight twist. It goes like this: you donate money to Haitian earthquake relief, and you offset your contribution by not paying your West Indian nanny the money you owe her for working overtime.

But always remember that they care. They really care.

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