Thursday, January 7, 2010

Know What's Going On

This week's New Yorker has a glowing profile of the newest Supreme Court Justice, the self-proclaimed wise one, Sonia Sotomayor.

Check out the following exchange, which took place when the President met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:

(Nydia) Velázquez gripped Obama by both hands. “Mr. President, you have an opportunity, here in your hands, to shape the United States Supreme Court for years to come.”
Obama whispered into Velázquez’s ear and smiled. “I know—there’s a Puerto Rican woman.”

I love it. The President couldn't even recall her name, but he sure committed her ethnicity to memory.

When liberals tell you how important someone's nomination is because of their ethnicity, here is exactly what's going on:

They want to frame the issue in the following way: If you oppose the nomination, you are racist/prejudiced against that particular ethnic/racial group.

And they use that strategy because it works. It works in the same way that old question When did you stop beating your wife works.

Just know what's going on. And know they are full of sh*t.

Why does Baldman say that?

Just look what happened when Baby Bush nominated Miguel Estrada to the DC Court of Appeals.

The same people who lectured us on how important Sotomayor's nomination was led the charge to kill Estrada's nomination.

And the methods they used to kill Estrada's nomination were historic; the libs filibustered it in the Senate. Never before had the filibuster been used to kill an Appellate Court nominee. But it was used against Estrada. And as a result, the man did not even get a chance to have the full Senate-a majority of which supported his nomination- vote on his nomination.

Big lessons we have learned on the Stoop: (1) ideology always trumps ethnicity; and (2) when we are lectured/pressured on how important a nomination is because of the nominee's ethnic/racial background, always remember what these same people did to Miguel Estrada.

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