Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Baby!

I always thought the greatest thing that ever happened in Massachusetts was Pedro Martinez flinging that old fu*k Don Zimmer to the ground. But since I am a man with an open mind, I have to put Scott Brown's victory last night into the top slot.

A Republican winning in Massachusetts? The last time that happened, John Adams was a person, not a beer. What's next: the ACLU naming Dick Cheney its "Man of the Year"?

Brown ran a masterful campaign. He told the people he was running to drive a stake through the heart of Obama's socialized Health Care Plan. And the people responded-in historical waves.

You have to put Brown's win in perspective: 80% of Massachusetts voters are registered Democrats. The other 20% are dead Democrats that are allowed to vote from the grave. Plus you add in the illegal aliens that were registered by ACORN. As Brian from Hoboken says, ACORN is so desperate, it has resorted to actually registering acorns.

So Brown beat back all of that.

The fact that this was Ted Kennedy's Senate seat makes Brown's victory even sweeter.

If Teddy was alive, he would be so distraught, he would drive his car into a lake.

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