Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Progressive Presidency

After a year of historic failure, and with the State of the Union Address pending, Obama is trying to remake himself as a populist politician. Like an amateur boxer who telegraphs his every punch, you can see it coming very easily. Just look at his attack on banks & bonuses. But here's the deal: Obama trying to be a populist is like Baldman trying on a pair of pants with a 32 inch waist-it doesn't fit. It doesn't suit him. Why? Because he is a progressive leftist to his marrow. He is not among the people; he is above them. He knows what's good for you. He believes you just don't get it. He thinks you "cling"-his word, not mine- to your guns & gods. He actually thinks health care failed because he was too busy on policy and as a result did not take the time to explain it to the stupid masses. As Krauthammer said, the guy was on TV more than Regis-talking health care 24/7. Doesn't it seem that this health care "debate" is like a never ending Jerry Lewis telethon? Just when you think its over, Jerry brings out Tony Orlando, & Obama babbles on incessantly about public options and Cadillac plans. (That's two Jerry Lewis references in as many days.) But seriously, as a flame throwing progressive, Obama has to believe that his year -long obsession with health care was a failure of the American public to understand what was best for them. Because progressives always know what's best for all of us. I'm sure in his mind, Obama thinks all he has to do is engage in one of his "teachable moments"-just to show us how good he is to us.

But like Verne Troyer driving the lane against Mutombo, he should be rejected.

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