Monday, December 7, 2009

Eric Holder Is No Broken Clock

The guy who came up with the saying "Even a broken clock is right two times a day" never would have come up with that phrase if Eric Holder was Attorney General at the time.

The latest: ACORN

After the massive abuses/corruption in ACORN was uncovered, Congress passed and Obama signed a law disallowing federal funds to be distributed to ACORN.

So far so good, right?

But the legal lightweights in the Holder Justice Department have taken the position that the feds should continue to pay ACORN for existing contracts between the federal government and ACORN.

Let's get this straight. The feds enter into a contract with ACORN. The feds pay ACORN taxpayer dollars, and in return ACORN provides services. Just like any other contract.

OK, unless the services that the federal government asked ACORN to perform included signing up massive amounts of illegal aliens to the voter rolls, engaging in tax fraud, and providing advice to a couple on how to evade taxes and receive federal benefits from their child prostitute business, (ROLL THE TAPE) it seems to me that ACORN has breached the contract it has with the federal government.

And accordingly, the federal government is under no legal obligation to continue to give ACORN our tax dollars.

Think of it like this: If you hire someone to paint your house, and he comes back to you and says "I provided advice to your neighbor on his child prostitute business" and your house remains unpainted, DO U THINK YOU SHOULD PAY HIM?

Of course not.

Not only is the federal government under no obligation to continue to pay ACORN, it should sue it to get back monies already paid.

As well as launch a criminal investigation into ACORN activities.

But we have Eric Holder as AG.

And under his leadership, the Justice Department has become a rubber stamp/facilitator for all ultra-liberal causes.

The Justice Department is supposed to enforce existing laws.

There was no existing law that compelled KSM to receive a federal trial in lower Manhattan.

And there is no legal justification for providing ACORN with taxpayer dollars.

And there was no legal justification for giving a fugitive from justice (Marc Rich) a pardon while the guy was still on the lam.

Whenever I come across a broken clock, I will shake my head and think of Eric Holder

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