Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Obama Math: Addition Followed By Subtraction Which Leads To Division

Remember the Naked Gun Movies? They were hilarious, with waves of jokes. Lots of wit and dry humor. The movies were based on a short-lived television show called "Police Squad."

Watching the President's speech at West Point last night reminded me of this old line from Police Squad:

Lieutentant Drebin: We are not going to stop until we solve this crime. OK, lets go get some lunch.

Talk about a mixed message: the President is committing 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, yet he tells us at the same time they will begin leaving in July 2011?

The President calls Afghanistan a war of necessity, and claims that his resolve is unwavering, yet he starts making withdrawal plans on the day he increases troop levels?

Chastity Bono has a better sense of identity than Barack Obama.

Putting Obama in charge of a war is like making Shaquille O'Neal play point guard or Tony Randall play Oscar- there's no natural fit there.

Imagine Lincoln at Gettysburg saying the following: "We need to insure that those who died here did not do so in vain. We will fight until the end. Accordingly, I resolve to draft 100,000 more men into the army. And, oh yeah, I will begin sending troops home in May 1864."

What if Tom Coughlin told Bill Belichick prior to the Super Bowl: "We will blitz Brady with everything we have, but beginning in the second quarter, we will stop blitzing."

Does Obama think that the Taliban cannot interpret English? Why else would he tell the enemy exactly when we will begin leaving?

Have you ever heard of anyone telling your enemy your exit strategy while maintaining with a straight face that you are committed to fighting a war?

This is a classic example of Obama trying to be all things to all people.

By increasing the troop levels, he is appealing to lets call it the "Merry Christmas" crowd. By announcing withdrawal dates, he gains points with the "Happy Holidays" cabal.

I am surprised that Obama did not split the baby further:

"I am sending in 30,000 additional troops. 15,000 will be used to kill & capture the enemy. The other 15,000 will give out Korans, prayer mats, and humanitarian aid. And all wounded enemy combatants will be eligible for free health care under the public option."

By the way, notice the withdrawal date- July, 2011. Just in time to shore up the Happy Holidays base for his 2012 campaign. Dates will tell you a lot- if passed, the Socialist Health Care proposal will not take effect until 2013, one year after Obama's reelection campaign, which does not allow the people to judge Obama at the ballot box on the actual implementation of socialized medicine.

Clearly, we have a President who has no idea on what to do in Afghanistan.

By trying to be all things to all people, he is in reality being nothing for nobody.

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