Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rude & Dangerous

Not only is Chuck Schumer a rude & arrogant human being, he also is a danger to our free speech rights.

I say that because he is on the record for supporting the "Fairness Doctrine". (See video below.)

What is the Fairness Doctrine? It basically states that the airwaves are the property of the government, and thus the government has the right to tell television stations and radio stations what to broadcast, all in the name of so-called "fairness."

Liberals, who by definition only like speech that they agree with, want to use this Stalinist tactic to get rid of right-wing talk radio hosts.

Think about that: we actually have elected officials, POWERFUL elected officials, that want to pass LAWS that give them the power tell radio stations exactly what kinds of political views they can broadcast on the air.

It truly is a dangerous threat to our freedoms. And Schmuck Schumer is the ringleader of this modern day Stalinist brigade.

Can BALDMAN help it that the only thing more boring than left wing radio is left wing television?

In fact, left wing Air America almost got their first major sponsor, Ambien, until the sleeping pill manufacturer realized that the 10 listeners the station has fall asleep from sheer boredom before the first commercial break.

If you count the total number of hair plugs on Chuck the Shmuck's head, it would be more than the number of Air America listeners.

If you want to see Baldman's full take on this issue, type "fairness doctrine into the search engine above.

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