Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of Course There Is A Double Standard

Did you see NY Senator Chuck Schumer called a flight attendant a bitch? (See below.) Chuck was flying from Washington to NY, courtesy of the taxpayers of this country. Apparently, Chuck thinks that FAA rules prohibiting talking on cell phones only applies to people who actually pay for their plane trips, and deadbeat freeloader Senators who don't pay a dime for their travel are above the law.

How shocked Chuck must of been when the flight attendant had the audacity to ask him to comply with the law. His hair plugs must have stood on end.

If a Republican Senator called a woman a bitch, Schumer would be the first one to exploit it to the high heavens. In fact where are the liberal women's groups like NOW on this one? Where are the picket signs from the progressive women of Park Slope where Schumer lives? We all know the deal. Because Schumer supports abortion and even EXTREME procedures like partial birth abortion (which the late NY Senator Moynihan called "infanticide"), Schmuck Schumer could beat a woman unconscious with a cell phone and NOW would blame the cell phone maker for manufacturing a product that could be used as a weapon against women.

Big lesson that we have learned on the Stoop: as long as you are a Democrat, and have that "D" in front of your name, you can get away with ANY behaviour. You could have been a member of the KKK, a domestic terrorists group that kills black people, and as long as you are a Democrat, you too could become a Senator like Robert Byrd. That "D" in front of your name allows you to kill a woman in a lake, like Ted Kennedy. You can cheat on your taxes to the extent that would make Wesley Snipes shake his head in dismay, and still be in charge of drafting the nation's tax laws like Charlie Rangel. You can have your boyfriend run a male whorehouse out of your apartment and claim you had no idea what the hell was going on, like Barney Frank. You can have the title "Reverend" in front of your name, and that combined with the "D" allows you to have a kid out of wedlock like Jesse Jackson, or give speeches like Al Sharpton complaining about "white interlopers" in Harlem. And on and on.

But always remember that these men represent the party of the people.

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Sen. Schumer Lashes Out At "Bitch" Flight Attendant

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