Friday, December 11, 2009

A Sick Idea

Every time Congress passes legislation, we all have to ask one fundamental question: "Where do they get the authority to do so?"

Congress does not have a blank check or magic wand to enact whatever it wants upon the American people. It can only act accordingly to the powers granted to Congress in Article I of the U.S. Constitution.

Now with the socialized medicine bill that Congress wants to inflict upon the American people, when we ask where Congress gets its authority, the answer we get from our Socialist friends is the commerce clause.

Now, to be sure, the Commerce Clause in Article I does give Congress the authority to pass legislation that concerns interstate commerce.

But this monstrosity of a bill goes beyond interstate commerce. It actually compels American citizens to engage in commerce whether they want to or not.

Let me explain. If European-style social medicine is imposed upon us, there is a provision in the bill that REQUIRES all Americans to buy health insurance.

You do not have a right to opt out. You will be punished for opting out.

You will in effect, be punished for deciding to NOT engage in interstate commerce.

Leave it to our liberal friends to always be 180 degrees from the correct answer.

How can you use the commerce clause to justify Congressional constitutional authority to pass laws effecting Americans that choose to NOT ENGAGE IN COMMERCE?

Its as if they suffer from "Constitutional Dyslexia"- when it comes to the Constitution, you can count on liberals arriving at at answer that is backwards.

Never before has the U.S. Government required a citizen to buy a stand-alone product or service. (Yes, you are required to obtain car insurance, however that requirement takes place only after you have Voluntarily decided that you want to own and operate an automobile on public roads.)

Not only will socialized medicine make us sick, it will also be a terminal illness inflicted upon the U.S. Constitution.

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