Monday, December 14, 2009

Painful To Watch

It pains me to say it. It kills me to watch it. But it cannot be denied:

My beloved Giants SUCK on defense. They can't rush the passer. They can't cover any receivers. And they can't tackle. Other than that, they do everything alright on defense.

The Giant defensive coordinator, Bill Sheridan is a dead coordinator walking. Hiring Shaq to teach free throw shooting makes more sense than having Sheridan coach defense in the NFL.

Last night's game against the Eagles was the last straw. Desean Jackson was running around so open and free, I'm surprised that immediately after the game Obama did not name Sheridan the Head of Homeland Security.

Remember how after Johnny Carson retired, he would send jokes to Letterman and Letterman would use them in his monologues?

Can't the Giants set something similar up with the Great Spagnuolo? His Rams aren't doing anything, have him come up with the defensive game plans.

Giant fans take pride in their defense more than you can imagine. Even more than Yankee fans take pride at having a half a billion dollar payroll.

I would rather see the Giants lose 7-3 every week than to see what happened last night.

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