Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mr. Excitement

I may be shouting from the Stoop, but I have a friend who is definitely yelling from the hallway. He makes me laugh more than anybody, and his political instincts are right on the money. For the hell of it, let's call him Robbie.

We got to talking about the charismatic one, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I told him what Dennis Miller says about Al Gore, that he has so little charisma that Gore's vanity license plate is a bunch of randomly selected numbers, also applies to Reid.

Robbie's reply:

"Harry Reid reminds me of a creepy librarian that is so odd that the other librarians say, 'keep this fu*king guy away from me', so they lock him in a separate room. When he sneezes, dust from his attic flies all over the library. I thought Nevada was one of the coolest states? How did they end up with this guy? He must be from that part of Nevada that is nothing but desert and tumble weeds for miles & miles."

I laughed like a loon.

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