Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Accurate Term

George Will has a must read column today on a practice he calls "thuggish liberalism" which is an all to familiar tactic liberals use to make traditional -values Americans gun shy about participating in the political process.

The example Will uses is a current State of Washington referendum on same sex marriage. Liberals want public disclosure of the names and addresses of all those who signed the petition to get the referendum (which would define marriage in the traditional way) on the ballot.

Read the column above and just try to remember that liberals respect the right of privacy-except when you oppose their agenda.

Ask Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin's kids, Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork & Linda Tripp on how liberals respected their right of privacy.

Hell, even the White House this summer set up an email address so that people could report those who were spreading so-called "misinformation" on the Health Care proposals.

Always remember that the hard left never wants a debate. They truly believe that how they want to govern is beyond public debate.

That is why they want to rid the airwaves of conservative talk radio.

That is why they want laws criminalizing those who express their right to life opinions in front of abortion clinics.

That is why they want to abolish secret ballots on votes to unionize (see Will's column above).

That is why the White House seeks to marginalize Fox News.

And that is why I love the term Will has coined: Thuggish Liberalism.

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