Monday, November 23, 2009

A Worthy Cause

The 9/11 Never Forget Coalition is holding a press conference tomorrow morning where they will announce a December 5, 2009 rally that will protest Eric Holder's reckless decision to try terrorists in lower Manhattan.

Congressman Peter King, for my money the best anti-terrorist person we have in the Congress will be there. 9/11 families will be there. Andy McCarthy, who prosecuted the terrorists who bombed the Trade Center in 1993 will be there.

The Coalition Message:

New Yorkers to Attorney General Holder:

"We Will Fight You All The Way!"

For more details click here.

Back to Holder. The distinction he has made in deciding to try some enemy combatants in civil court and others in a military tribunal is that the target of the attack determines the type of trial the defendant will receive.

Thus, those who attacked the U.S. Cole, will get a military tribunal. Conversely, the Trade Center thugs get a full civil trial, with all its bells & whistles, because they attacked a domestic target.

That is Holder's argument/rationale.

But that argument holds less water than a man with no kidneys.

Here's why- KSM is the architect of the 9/11 attack. That attack included the Pentagon. Last time I checked, (and admittedly it may have changed under Obama) THE PENTAGON IS THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE UNITED STATES DEFENSE DEPARTMENT.

Since KSM attacked a military target, using Holder logic, why the hell is he receiving a civilian trial?

The answer: There is no logic, no legal rationale, and no precedent for giving KSM a civil trial.

It's purely a political decision made by the President designed to shed light on the CIA, the Army, and all things Bush/Cheney.

Holder has called this the trial of the century.

Remember, the trial of the last century was OJ's.

In the upcoming KSM trial, Holder & his ACLU brethren want to turn the CIA into Mark Fuhrman.

Here's hoping that protests like the 9/11 Never Forgets Coalition will hold will make a difference.

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