Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Be Hood-Winked

After watching the video below, the reaction I had is the following: It's over. We're doomed.

Think I'm overreacting? Hear me out and then check the video out.

Some table setting: Its Larry King. He's put together a panel to discuss the Ft. Hood massacre. Its a three person panel: Dr. Phil, a former POW, and a current JAG officer.

The topic: Possible motives for Major Hasan's killing of 12 and wounding of 31 of his Army brothers & sisters.

Dr. Fraud/Phil and the POW are in perfect harmony: they think its post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that pushed Hasan to slaughter his own.

But the JAG officer has a different theory: as long as we are speculating, we should consider if Hasan was motivated by religious ideology, specifically Islamic fundamentalism.

Watch how Dr. Fraud and the POW go after the officer. How dare you speculate in innuendo! How irresponsible! You can't do that! This type of talk will lead to vigilantes and innocent people being hurt!

They had more animus for the officer than the man who slaughtered the innocent.

Think about that for a second. Dr. Fraud & the POW smelled blood when the officer said that Hasan might have acted out of religious ideology. They knew the gods of political correctness were looking after them. So they went for the jugular.

Never mind that THEIR THEORY was a sham, PTSD by very definition can only occur after one is engaged in combat. Hasan had NEVER been deployed in combat. Ever. But he did choose to turn Ft. Hood into a combat zone.

Never mind that the idea that Americans will engage in vigilantism if you mention that a mass killing may have been motivated by Islamic fundamentalism has been proven FALSE again and again.

We heard it after 9/11 and several times since. Where are these American lynch mobs? It never happened. In reality, Americans who say that their fellow Americans will engage in vigilantism against Muslims when there is not a shred of evidence of it occurring are the same Americans who are always willing to believe the worst about their country while always assigning the best of motives to every other country.

Have you met such people? I know you have.

So we now know that Hasan told other soldiers that Muslims have a right to rise up against aggressors. That he equated suicide bombers to someone who jumps on a grenade and saves his fellow soldiers.

Excuse me, but don't those beliefs sound exactly like the beliefs of, you know, the enemy?

But did the Army look into these allegations? Did anyone report it? Probably not. Why? Most people don't want to be on the other end of the Dr. Fraud/POW argument.

So they don't report it. And they go on with their lives.

And if they do report it, the people investigating don't want to be on the wrong end of a "religious profiling" charge.

And what happens? Hasan at Ft. Hood happens.

But please, I'm just engaging in speculation.

Here's the video. You make the call.

CNN - Larry King Live - November 5th, day of Ft. Hood Attack - Dr. Phil & Shoshana Johnson accuse JAG officer of being dangerously "ignorant" for his well articulated argument that the Islamist ideology was appearing more probable as a main component of Major Hassan's motivation for the shooting.
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