Saturday, November 7, 2009

When Political Correctness Kills

As I write here is what we know about Major Hasan:

1) that he praised suicide bombings on Internet postings;

2) that he told people in the army that a suicide bomber was equal to someone diving on a grenade to save innocent people;

3) that he told people that a Muslim cannot go to war against a fellow Muslim;

4) that some of these actions were reported to Army officials;

5) Army officials continued to let Major Hasan serve in the military;

6) Major Hasan took up arms not against the enemy in Iraq & Afghanistan, but against his fellow American soldiers, killing 12 and wounding 38.

7) Hasan shouted"Allahu akbar!" ("God is great!") while he killed our unarmed soldiers.

Now what is happening in the wake of Hasan's carnage increases the likelihood of it happening again and again and again.

First, the President, who knows all of the above and even more,has reminded the American people that people from diverse backgrounds serve in the military.

It was his "Sooth the American Savage Beast" teachable moment. Don't jump to conclusions he admonishes us.

Hear me out: The President is certifiably delusional. He is the Commander in Chief, but the job he thinks he has is Social Worker in Chief.

He is the commander. He needs to command. It is his Army. He needs to tell us that he will find out how Hasan was able to leave so many clues that he was going to go on a religiously inspired rampage, that heads will roll over the ignoring of the fact that Major Hasan was the enemy within.

But the President hasn't done that.

Why not? Because he never will admit that Hasan committed an act of terror. Why would he never admit the undeniable? Because in post 9/11 America, every President feels he has to say NO ACTS OF TERROR TOOK PLACE ON U.S. SOIL ON MY WATCH.

Think about it: what is every President's primary responsibility? No, its not to run car companies, or takeover banks, or government provided health care. Its national security. Securing Americans from attack.

So they will bend and twist and contort so they can say, "Hasan was under a lot of stress, that's why he killed." NEVER Mind his praise for suicide bombers. Never mind that his ideology & Actions match EXACTLY with the ideas, motivations and actions of the very enemy we are fighting today.

If we use the Post 9/11 definition of terrorism and apply it to pre 9/11 actions, than 9/11, the Kohbar Towers, the Navy ship in Yemen, the embassies in Kenya & Tanzania were not terrorist acts inspired by religious fanaticism. Here would be the argument: Where do you get that from? None of them left notes explaining why they did it. These had to be mentally ill people whose socio-economic background and experiences led them to this desperate call for help. Its highly irresponsible and reckless of you to jump to the conclusion that they did it for religious reasons.

You see how easy it is to play that game?

So don't expect the President to ever admit to a domestic act of terror-unless of course some right-wing nut kills an abortion provider. That's a terrorist act he would love to publicize.

Now other than the President never admitting that Hasan committed a terrorist act, something else is going on as well.

Its the Army's fault. No, not in the sense that they should have seen the red flags and removed Hasan from the Army, but more in the sense that Hasan's fellow soldiers drove him to act this way, that he was taunted, teased etc.

Here is the New York Slimes who ran a story getting reactions from people at the mosque that Hasan attended:

But some of the men who had befriended Major Hasan at the mosque said the military should examine the policies that might have caused him to snap....

The spin is on folks. And this spin is better than Curly Neal twirling a basketball on the tip of his finger.

Here is the formula:

1) Never admit that a terrorist action took place;

2) Have the media blame American institutions such as the Army or American foreign policy decisions to explain the "underlying cause" that is the primary reason why the person murdered;

3) Use the media to vilify anyone who would even dare to suggest that such actions are religiously inspired acts of terror.

So what happens when the formula is implemented?

1) Americans ignore red flags that may indicate potential terrorist activity. They don't want to be labeled a"racial/ethnic profiler". So it doesn't get reported.

2) When a terrorist act takes place in America, people are afraid to call it just that, because if you do so publicly, the media will destroy your reputation.

And that is how political correctness kills.

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