Monday, November 16, 2009

A Good Bye Week

Sometimes in a horse race, its not how fast your horse is, but how slow the other horses run. Which brings me to yesterdays NFL results. The Giants had a bye week, but the Cowboys, Eagles & Falcons lost.

It was the best week for a Giant fan since September.

The bye week came at the right time. Hopefully, guys like Chris Canty (can't he play?) and Aaron Ross will grow a pair and suit up-finally.

The Giants have two games in five days: Sunday at home against the Falcons, and Thanksgiving Night @ Denver. Now, as Tony Montana might say "that's not no duckwalk, Frank" but both games are very winnable.

Remember, the way the NFL works nowadays, its the team that peaks in December/ January that gets the prize.

So let the Colts and Saints go undefeated.

Let them peak during the season.

Everybody loses.

Ask Tom Brady.

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