Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pointless Guard

I see the Knicks are off to the worst start in franchise history. And its not like they will have the most ping pong balls if they tank- their pick belongs to Utah by way of Phoenix courtesy of Isiah Thomas and the Marbury trade. You know how in Vietnam 30-40 years later, there are still old hand grenades that were discarded in the jungles but can still explode decades later? That is sort of like Isiah's effect on the Knicks.

But enough about Isiah and Vietnam.

I want to talk about the worst point guard in the NBA. I want to talk about Chris Duhon.

Now to play for Mike D'antoni is a point guard's dream. You get to push the ball. You have a lot of latitude to make decisions. The coach won't micro- manage your decisions. Remember, Nash did not become the Nash we now know until he ran D'antoni's offense.

But look at Duhon. Every time I see him, he plays like he still has Coach K barking into his ear telling him what to do. There is no spontaneity or creativity coming from this Dukie.

He dribbles when he should pass. He passes when he should shoot. He pretends like he is setting up the offense ACC style, while ignoring two quick cutters to the hole.

The man has no feel for the position. And 99% of the requirements for a point guard comes down to a feel for the game. For what's needed. But he is way too scripted.

When you watch great fast break basketball, its like a bunch of musicians jamming together and going wherever the music takes them. When you watch Duhon, he is like the kid with the tuba in a high school band struggling to read the sheet music.

I would hate to play with a guy like Duhon. You would never know when you would get the ball,there would be no rhyme or reason to his decisions, and ultimately it would be a joyless experience.

Helen Keller buying an ipod makes more sense than Duhon running an NBA offense. Even Rory Sparrow says that he sucks.


Sign Jamal Tinsley.

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