Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From Bloom to Gloom

I'll take Manhattan in a garbage bag
with Latin written on it that says
"it's hard to give a shit these days"
Manhattan's sinking like a rock
into the filthy Hudson what a shock
they wrote a book about it
they said it was like ancient Rome- Lou Reed -Romeo had Juliette

I write this assuming that Mike Bloomberg will be elected to his third term as Mayor in today's election. Which would be a good thing.

But what happens four years from now?

Methinks NYC is headed for trouble down the road.

Lets break it down: 80% of the registered voters in NYC are Democrats.

Think of how much liberal governing had to wreck this town that in a city where 8/10 of the voters are Democrats, we are about to get 20 straight years of competence in the form of Rudy Bloomy.

Think of the city as a company that declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and the liberals put Rudy & Blommy in charge of the reorganization.

And they, for the most part, succeeded. Rudy ran the city like a tough Catholic School Principal, cracking down on crime both big and small ("broken windows theory") , cutting taxes, turning welfare into workfare, implementing standards at CUNY, turning Times Square from porn filth to family friendly are just some of his off the top of my head accomplishments.

And Bloomy was smart enough to not undue Rudy's accomplishments, and also governed in a way that showed he was not beholden to special interests groups.

But four years from now, can we expect a hopelessly liberal voting base to remember pre Rudy/Bloomy?

The out of control crime, taxes that make the middle class head for the burbs, racial racketeers, graffiti, out of control raises for municipal unions, the continued downward spiral of the public school system and welfare being handed out- you don't think those days could come back?

Four years from now, we are going to get a 21st Century Lindsay/Beame/Dinkins as Mayor. A party hack. Beholden to the unions and every other liberal constituency group.

Four years from now, don't expect a Rudy/Bloomy independent-type to win at the ballot box. The math just doesn't work.

Once the liberal mayor of the future policies take hold, the City of New York will be like the Boston Celtics when Rick Pitino coached them. The Celtics sucked, and the people were longing for the glory days of years past. Pitino poured cold water on that idea stating "Bird, McHale & Parrish are not going to come walking through the door."

And four years from now, don't expect Rudy or Bloomy to walk through the doors of City Hall.

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