Monday, November 16, 2009

The People vs. The Terrorists

On first glance, Obama's decision to try Khalid Shiekh Muhammad in the Southern District in downtown Manhattan makes no sense at all. After all, didn't KSM already plead guilty in a military tribunal? Yes. Is KSM an American citizen, entitled to all of the protections of the U.S. Constitution? No he is not.

Then what gives?

Think about it: what have Obama/Holder been emphasizing since they took office? Torture. Oh, how they hate it. And oh, how they would love to go after the Army & the CIA for the torture of scumbag terrorists. (With no disrespect to bags that are filled with scum.)

But they can't do it. Every time they raise it, the American people let it be known that they would not stand for it. Holder if given the chance, would go after the CIA like Giuliani went after squegee men.

So what do they do? They grant KSM a criminal trial. And what will happen during the trial? KSM's ACLU lawyers will put the conduct of the CIA & Army on trial.

The fact that they tortured KSM so many times that he thought he was Brian Wilson will be heard in open court. All of the tricks of the CIA trade will be exposed.

In effect, Obama/Holder will use the defense attorney's for KSM to do their dirty work. Think about it: everything that will come to light will be stuff that happened when Bush was President.

They will hope that the exposure in open Court will turn the tide of public opinion so they could prosecute these CIA/Army heroes.

No other explanation makes sense.

The fact of the matter is that KSM and his cohorts have lived high on the hog for too long. They get to kick the soccer ball at Gitmo, they are fed Islamic appropriate meals, and breathe Caribbean air 24/7. They also get to hang with their ACLU lawyers who show them photos of CIA agents that they can frame. It's not 72 virgins in heaven, but its not bad, no?

If Scorsese was to make an updated Goodfella's, using religious fanatics instead of the Mafia, then KSM and his crew would have a better time in jail than Henry Hill and Paulie.

As soon as we squeezed them for all available information, they should have been executed and fed to Michael Vick's dogs.

But instead, Obama is giving this savage a forum in New York City. Who knows, maybe they give him bail and an ankle bracelet and you might run into KSM in J & R Music World or Century 21. Its not like he doesn't know his way around lower Manhattan.

Ideology makes people/presidents/attorney generals do dangerous things sometimes.

Like trying war criminals in NYC.

Heaven help us.

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