Monday, September 21, 2009

A Giant Win

"I hate the Cowboys straight up,". "It's beginning to be a personal thing. And it's been like that since I was a kid. I've been wishing bad things on them for a long time. I was a hateful little kid. Everyone loves them, so I had to hate them." Brandon Jacobs

I do not know if you had heard, but the Cowboys opened a new stadium last night. If you watched the game last night, you might have missed that fact. It's not like the announcers mentioned it every other second.

So they came from far and wide, 100,000 plus, including all the old Cowboys who are not currently incarcerated.

The stadium is so big, Nate Newton can almost fit one of his "deliveries" into the house that oil built.

And the Giants sent them all home with a last second dagger.

Some thoughts:

Tony Romo: God bless him. Not only can he not respond to pressure, he has this self destructive gene that makes him melt down in big spots. If Romo found a wallet stuffed with cash on the sidewalk, after a few happy steps a safe would fall on his head.

Eli Manning: You see how clutch Eli was? Nothing bothers this guy. He was in a zone that not too many athletes can call upon. When he get there, its a joy to watch him at his craft.

Mario Manningham: If I were a headline writer the headline would read: "Manningham is Manning's Man". (In another life, I would love to be a headline writer. I took a journalism class in college, and one assignment was to come up with a headline based on a bunch of facts the professor had given the class. The facts he gave us were 400 people died in a nightclub fire in the Philippines. I took that and came up with the following headline "Burn Baby Burn: 400 Die In Disco Inferno")

Manningham and Stevie Smith toyed with the Cowboy secondary all night. Terrence Newman looked like Paul Newman covering these guys.

Jerry Jones: Did you see him when Tynes hit that field goal? It looked like his last 10 face lifts rolled down his face like a massive California mudslide.

Flozell Adams: What a dirty player-that trip of Justin Tuck was jacked up. Every year, this guy has more flags than the United Nations. And he tried to do it to Osi as well.

The stadium: Would love to see the Cowboys implode and go 3-13. No one would go to the games, and they would have like 10 rodeo's going on during each home game.

2-0. Nice.

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