Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thoughts On MSNBC

MSNBC= Maniac Socialist Nutjobs Broadcasting Crap

If you ever look up the phrase "The inmates are running the asylum"- you will find a group photo of MSNBC's nighttime lineup.

What a bunch of looney-birds. Matthews, Madow & chief nutjob Olbermann.
Lets concentrate on Olbermann for now.

You ever see the deranged look in Olbermann's eyes? I really believe that there is a van that rushes him from Bellevue -running every red light- to NBC studios. And they transport the guy like Hannibal Lechter.

You need a tetanus shot after watching this guy for an hour.

When I watch him, there is no humor, no humanity. Just bile.

Olbermann embodies the worst of the worst of the flame-throwing, drooling from- the- corner- of- the- mouth socialist left.

The crazed left that sees all corporations as the business equivalent of Charles Manson. That's Olbermann.

Olberman uses this pathetic form of argument: if you do not agree with his position, he will take what you say and turn it into something that you did not say. And that is considered journalism at MSNBC.

I blame Tim Russert. When he was alive, MSNBC had to keep up at least the appearance of fairness, and the fangs did not come out.

Russert's death is the worst television death since they killed off the father in "Good Times".

Six days after September 11, Russert interviewed the Vice President. During the interview, Russert wore a red white and blue ribbon on his lapel. Russert was criticized by liberals for wearing the ribbon. The argument made by liberals was that by wearing the ribbon, Russert was "taking sides" in our war against the Muslim maniacs, and that a journalist should not do that.

Below you will find Russert's response to that argument. Memorize it. Say it in your sleep. Laminate it. Put it on your refrigerator door. Tell it to your leftist friends. And shout it from the stooptops:

It is imperative that we never suggest that there's a moral equivalency between the United States of America and the terrorists. Period. I'll believe that until the day I die. I have talked about being a journalist -- but also being an American. And first and foremost, you're an American. I want a debate about national security, and who defines national security. I understand all that. But in the end, you have to make judgements, and on that day I made a judgement that five days after the most horrific event of my lifetime and of my journalistic career, that for me to say to the country I too am part of this, I too have experienced this gut-wrenching pain and agony, and I too have enormous remorse and sympathy, with not only the people who died in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in the field in Pennsylvania, but all of us -- we're in this together; this isn't covering Democrats and Republicans or the Bills versus the Redskins; this is us. The Taliban doesn't believe in the First Amendment.
I'm an American and then I'm a journalist.-

Tim Russert

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