Sunday, September 20, 2009

He Ain't Pretty No More

Just watched the Jets impressive win over the Patriots. Sanchez played well, and the defense was excellent, allowing only 3 field goals.

But here is the skinny: Brady ain't the Brady who would score on NFL defenses with the ease of playing a video game.

Why is that? The Giants defense is why. Going into that Super Bowl, Brady was a God. He could do no wrong. He literally (they were undefeated) could not be beat.

But the Giants beat the pi*ss out of Brady. For four quarters. With relentless pressure from everywhere.

And he ain't been the same since.

Remember in Iraq, in the beginning of the war, when they toppled the statue of Saddam? As soon as the Saddam statue was toppled, the citizens starting hitting it with their shoes.

That's what the Giants did to Brady. Before the Super Bowl, he was a God that was worshiped. All of New England prayed to statues of Brady (and Teddy the swimmer).

But Strahan, Osi, Tuck and the rest of the Giant D knocked the Brady statue down, took off their cleats and beat up the toppled God with their shoes.

Actually, it is a Giant tradition to hit Super Bowl quarterbacks so hard, they are never the same again.

Remember Leonard Marshall's hit on Joe Montana in the 1990 championship game? Montana never took another snap as a 49er. Check it out:

Don't worry, I will not provide you the link to the play that made Joe Theismann an announcer.

So give the Jets credit- but the Giants provided the playbook.

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