Monday, September 28, 2009

Its About Time

Did you read where Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland as a fugitive in connection with his 1978 guilty plea of having sex with a thirteen year old girl in California?

Recap: Polanski is a famous movie director who in 1978 pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor. (The fact that he gave the thirteen year-old Quaaludes was dropped in the plea.)

Prior to sentencing, Polanski fled to the land that embraces statutory rapists- France.

And that is where he has been for the last 31 years, a fugitive from American justice.

But has that stopped Hollywood from embracing him? No, far from it. He is a Hollywood hero, and has received an Oscar and numerous other awards.

Whenever your Hollywood-types lecture us on who to vote for, why universal government health care is vital, and all kinds of public policy, don't you think we should remember that these are the people that reward and revere convicted child molesters?

Can you think of any other industry that does that?

Moreover, shouldn't we have laws that don't allow fugitives like Polanski to make money in America while they are on the lam?

Prediction: watch a big public relations push to portray Polanski as the victim. His supporters live above the rules of society and have no real conception of right and wrong.

Bring him back.

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