Thursday, September 24, 2009

Patterson Says No

You see where the President has told NY Governor Patterson to step aside and not run for reelection? Patterson, so far, has ignored the President's request.

Good for Patterson.

I never understood why people who claim to value democracy would ever tell someone they should not run. This came up big time with Ralph Nader, when prominent liberals pleaded with him to not run, especially in 2000.

Hey libs, the more hats in the ring means more voices are being heard , which leads to more diverse opinions for voters to choose from. (Note to liberals, when I say "diverse" I do not mean "skin pigmentation"which is your definition. When I use the word diverse, or diversity, I mean "a variety".)

To be fair, Republicans don't have a good record on this, as to when they tried to bump Pat Buchanan out of the 2000 race.

I was surprised that Obama would try to knock Patterson off. After all, shouldn't Obama be the first one to promote letting the political process play itself out via the ballot box? I mean, Obama took on the Clinton machine. When he first announced, everyone thought that it was a forgone conclusion that the nomination was Mrs. Clinton's. I'm sure there were times when some prominent Democrats must have told Obama to drop out. But to his credit, he did not.

But eight months after taking office, he pulls the same tactic on Patterson? Wow.

Its funny, when the Iranian freedom marchers took to the streets, Obama hid under his desk and did not want to take sides in that election. But, apparently in New York Obama wants to decide who is on the ballot.

A couple of months ago, we were told how important diversity was when Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. But in this case, when Patterson is one of the only two black governors in the nation, diversity is thrown out the window by Obama.

And who does he want to replace Patterson with? The Son of Mario- a retread.

Big lesson: Obama will throw diversity down the stairs when he perceives someone will lose an election. And install a hack that he thinks has a better chance. It's the Chicago way.

Now, if Obama insists on knocking off a New York elected official, he should start with Charles Rangel.

Rangel, as chairman of the House Ways & Means committee, is in charge of drafting tax policy for the nation. Yet, the man has evaded taxes for years and years. Wesley Snipes tax adviser is more qualified than Charles Rangel.

Stay the course governor Patterson.

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