Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tyree Lives On

"David Tyree is such a class act. What a great guy he is. When he came in to see me, I had a lot of emotions running through my head. He put everything at ease, he had a big smile on his face. I told David he is forever etched in the annals of New York Giants history. That will never change. That moment in history will stand forever in time."- Tom Coughlin

David Tyree joined millions of other Americans on the unemployment line yesterday when he was cut by the Giants. And while Tyree might be temporarily out of a job, he will never, ever be forgotten.

Tyree's helmet-hand catch (link below) against the Patriots-after Eli pulled a Houdini to get free- is to Giant fans the greatest thing that has ever happened-ever. To Giant fans, to limit that catch to only sports history does not do it justice.

I have watched the tape below more times than Joe Torre has picked his nose in major league dugouts.

I have watched it more than the Warren Commission watched the Zapruder film.

I have watched it more than drug dealers have watched Scarface.

It never gets old, it is a gift that just keeps giving.

The catch is so ingrained in my memory that 50 years from now, if I am fortunate to be around, I may be the most senile old bat in my nursing home, I may not know my own name, but if you see me running around the nursing home with a football held against my head, it will be my way of remembering THE CATCH.

Roll the tape:

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