Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Desperation Time

I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he's African-American," Jimmy Carter

"When, in 1975, Frank Robinson became Major League Baseball's first African-American manager, with the Cleveland Indians, that was an important milestone. But an even more important one came two years later, when the Indians fired him. That was real equality: Losing one's job is part of the job description of major league managers, because sacking the manager is one of the few changes a floundering team can make immediately. So, in a sense, Robinson had not really arrived until he was told to leave. Then he was just like hundreds of managers before him." George Will

When Barack Obama was sworn into office, he became the most powerful man on earth. He literally can drop bombs on a country, and tell us about it later.

But some things he is powerless to stop. Because of the First Amendment, Obama, or any other president cannot stop the Town Hall Protester. The Joe The Plumber's of this country. Like minded people who associate under the protections granted by the constitution. People who want grievances addressed by their government.

Sure, the president and his supporters (main stream media) can demonize these people. They can question their motives.

But they can't stop them. No sir.

Quick detour: When Robert Moses began building bridges and highways in New York, as soon as the bridge/ highway was finished, the traffic would be enormous. The conventional wisdom was that a new highway would ease traffic by giving drivers more outlets. So Moses would build another highway. But guess what, as soon as the new highway was built, it received even more traffic than the previous one. This went on and on. The more he built, the more traffic he created.

Moses' building bridges to alleviate traffic is tantamount to Obama giving speeches to close the deal on his socialized medicine plan: The more Obama speaks on this issue, and he has given 31 (31!) speeches, the less support he has.

So now with desperation at hand, the race card is being played in a last-ditch effort to ram through legislation that this country clearly does not want.

Its the only way to explain the vehement opposition to Obama, they tell us.

And one thing the hard left knows about is vehement opposition.

After all, these are the people who told us that Bush "stole" the election. That was water cooler conversation for years. But to mix up the water cooler chat, because, after all, the left are champions of diversity (just ask them) they would change the topic to President Bush is stupid. Is dumb. That he can't speak. Oh, how they had fun with that one! Leno/Letterman/Stewart/Nutjob Olbermann. Night after night. Show after show. A nonstop drumbeat.

For eight years, if you stood in Union Square Park for 10 minutes, you would proudly see hipsters walking around displaying how smart they were, evidenced by their Bush is stupid tee shirts.

Stupid is one thing. But that wasn't pushing the envelope far enough, was it?

I mean, you can explain away stupid, right? But you can't explain away intent.

So not only was he stupid. He was involved . He was involved with 9/11. He let it happen. No, he planned it. What was his motive? That was simple. Oil. Bush was an oil man. So he killed everyone in the Trade Center. Just to get his grubby hands on Arab oil.

What a genius grassroots movement that is. The 9/11 truthers. Power to the people. There are tee shirts, videos and documentaries all telling us that President Bush conspired to kill thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001. It's such a great movement, it catapulted Van Jones into the White House.

Now what kind of person would plot to kill innocent people while they were at work? It would take a Hitler, or the Devil himself. Presto! Over the last 8 years, I have seen more President Bush depicted as the devil in photos, masks and paintings than I have seen Spider-man outfits on Halloween. And don't forget Hitler. Going to the latest protest and not seeing President Bush depicted as Hitler, in full Nazi regalia, was like going to Studio 54 back in the day without a couple of grams of coke. Both were inconceivable.

After this stupid man, (but not so stupid to cover up his involvement in 9/11), this greedy oil man, this crazed genocidal Nazi devil of a man, after he left office he was left alone, right? Ha, ha! The last time I heard something so funny, it was on Jon Stewart when he showed that Iraqi hero throwing shoes at President Bush. I pissed my pants it was so funny.

No, what I wanted to say is that when Bush left office that's when the left began pressing for him to be thrown in jail. But that would be inaccurate. We all know that movement began the day Bush took office.

Now during the 8 years of the Bush presidency, the powers that be in the Democratic party could have called off the dogs. Could have said that all of the above was out of bounds. But they didn't. They fed the pit bull base. They are the pit bull base. They threw gas on the fire.

Which brings us back to the charge that the vehement opposition to Obama is based on racism. The charge, of course, is brought by the Bush haters & their enablers.

It is designed to silence those who refuse to be silenced.

And look whose leading it: Jimmy Carter. Can you think of a man that has been more wrong on more issues in public life than Jimmy Carter? I can't. He was wrong about the economy, energy, the Soviets, and of course, the Iran hostage crisis, which, like the federal deficit, we keep paying for. I don't care how many houses he hammers out with Habitat for Humanity, the man has an abysmal public record. He should have done everyone a favor and pursued carpentry from the beginning, instead of picking it up during his 70's. The man has been so wrong so often, he would make the worst game show contestant in American history.

Lets break it down. Can we all agree that with the presidency comes intense criticism?

And if we can use a football game on a wet field as a metaphor for presidential criticism, then Bush has gone to the locker room a few times to have a broken jaw wired, and Obama has yet to have any mud on his jersey.

Its only been 8 months! Come back to me when instead of one or two people at a rally are racist or offensive, you have an entire group of people that get together because they think Obama is dumb, stupid, needs to be jailed, is the devil, is the new Hitler, killed thousands of Americans and disguised it as a terrorist attack, and started two wars because of oil profits.

In short, come back to me after 8 years of sheer madness.

Or even better, come back to me after three years and two months.

By the way, say no to socialized medicine for America. No matter what name you are called.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud reading this but also cried because it is so on point. Obama must also be astonished at the criticism, his entire life he has benefited from a system that was afraid to criticize him because of his race. We shall see over the next 3 years whether we have reached racial parity and a black president can be criticized equally as a white president and dissenters no longer need to be worried about being called racist. I like the willian definition of equality, we will have reached true racial equality when bama is voted out of office in 2012.