Friday, September 25, 2009

Titles Tell You Nothing

He's a man

With a plan

Got a counterfeit dollar

in his hand

He's Misstra Know-It-All-Stevie Wonder

Say I opened a restaurant, and I called it "Best Burgers in the World". That was the full name. Say you went to my restaurant, ordered a burger, and I served you a dead rat between two pieces of bread. Would you think I served the best burgers in the world? Of course you wouldn't. You would disregard my self-proclaimed boast as having the best burgers in the world for what it was-a total lie.

Which brings me to my topic. Every time someone or some group describes themselves as a"civil libertarian" or "civil rights activist" I feel like the customer who got the dead rat with the two pieces of bread. Why? Because its never true. Ever.

In fact, a lot of times these people/organizations work against Human Rights.

Just look at the United Nations. Within the United Nations, there is a subgroup of nations that form a group called the "Human Right Council".

Sounds beautiful, no? All teddy bears and flowers. But look whose on the so-called Human Rights Council: Cuba & China!

How on earth could Cuba & China be on a committee that evaluates human rights? In these countries, there is no freedom of speech, or religion, and you can't vote the dictator off the island like they do in reality TV. Yet. they are on the committee and stand in judgment? Having Field Castro evaluate human rights is like giving Jose Reyes the "Cal Ripken Iron Man of the Year Award". Wesley Snipes is more qualified to get a job at Turbo Tax than Castro is in talking about human rights.

Let's take some big examples of where self-described "civil libertarians" show themselves to be the enemy of true civil rights that Americans hold dear.

We all know that the 1st Amendment guarantees each of us the right to assembly, the right to associate with one another. We have the right to get together in groups for a common purpose. The Glee Club. The American Legion. Your dart team or bowling league. These are all examples of the right to assembly. The people chose the members of the group. And the message. The government must stay out of it. That's why my state senator Eric Adams has the right to start the t group "100 Blacks in Law Enforcement" and the government can't make Adams admit white people if he does not want to.

But the self-described civil libertarians would take that right away from some Americans. They try to do so every March on St. Patrick's Day. You see, the organizers of the parade (Ancient Order of Hibernians) have this crazy notion that they are free to associate with whom they want, free to create their own message. But self-described civil rights activists don't want the organizers and the millions of participants of the parade to have that right. So every year the ACLU goes to court to deny the parade organizers their first amendment rights. The ACLU wants, no, demands that the government compel the Saint Patrick's Day parade to include homosexual groups with homosexual banners that convey homosexual messages. Don't we have a parade like that already? It's called Yankee Fan Appreciation Day.

But seriously if the ACLU and the self-described civil libertarians had their way, their would be no 1st Amendment right to assembly. The federal government would be able to compel any group to admit any person or any message that the government deems worthy. But somehow, I doubt the federal government or the ACLU would ever demand that the NAACP admit David Duke as a member.

Its the same thing with the Boy Scouts. Like all American groups, they have a 1st Amendment right to associate with whom they want to and exclude anyone they wish too. Again, its these same people, the self proclaimed civil rights activists, these ACLU members who constantly want to deny the Boy Scouts their 1st Amendment Rights. Again, they want to strong-arm the Boy Scouts to admit homosexual Scout Leaders.

This is no brief against homosexual groups. The gay pride parade, and all gay groups have the same 1st Amendment rights to include/exclude whoever they like. Or don't like.

But do you ever think these ACLU-types would ever use our judicial system to demand that the gay pride parade include Bill Donohue of the Catholic League?

Don't hold your breath waiting for that one.

You see, the ACLU uses our judicial system to suppress messages and groups that they do not agree with.

And yet, they go around calling themselves "civil libertarians". What a joke.

Another example: your typical self described civil libertarian believes in the right to abortion, which was crafted with smoke and mirrors by the Supreme Court in 1973. Yet, these same people are the first ones to deny Americans their 1st Amendment rights to protest abortion in front of abortion clinics.

These are just a few examples where your civil liberties types are actual enemies of the 1st amendments . And they are enemies because they want to silence groups with messages they don't agree with.

Never mind the 2nd amendment, which guarantees all of us the right to bear arms. The ACLU does not like that right. So it works every day to come up with ways to deny Americans its 2nd amendment rights.

So, I want you to do a little self-examination: if you want the courts to step in to compel the St. Patrick's day organizers & the Boy Scouts to admit to their groups people and groups whom you deem worthy, with messages approved by you, and you also want the courts to compel abortion protesters to cease and desist, you should pat your self on the back.


You have earned the right to call yourself a civil libertarian.

What an honor.

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