Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rats With Cameras

Sometimes I can't believe what I am about to write is actually true. This is one of those times.

Have you heard of the John Adams Project? It has a nice, wholesome name, no? If there were truth in advertising, these rats would have to call themselves "The Benedict Arnold Project".

Here is the straight dope: This group is affiliated with the ACLU. They go around taking photographs of CIA agents. They take the photos to Guantanamo Bay and show them to known terrorists. Then they ask the terrorists, "Is this the person that tortured you"?

On so many levels, this group, and their actions should be condemned. And investigated by the Justice Department.

Remember Valerie Plame? When she was outed as a CIA agent in a Bob Novak column, the left wing lost their feeble mind. They kicked and screamed that revealing a CIA agent's identity puts the agent at risk. Scooter Libby ended up in jail.

But when the ACLU goes around like paparazzi, seeking out CIA agents in the hope that the enemy identify these agents, we hear nothing from this segment of society.

But that is expected by now, right?

The ACLU will be the first group to tell you that witness identification is not reliable evidence-except of course if the witness is a terrorist and the accused is a CIA agent.

Here are the real world ramifications : One, CIA agents, some of whom may be working on covert operations,will have their identities known by Bin Laden's boys. And just by that action alone, their lives will be in danger forever. Two, these CIA agents, who should all receive medals, may be subject to criminal investigations based solely on the word of terrorists that we are currently detaining because they planned to, or have already, killed Americans. And three, who in the world would want to join the CIA when you could be subject to this nightmarish behavior?

How can this go on in America? How can it be tolerated? What kind of person sympathizers with the Sheik Khalid Mohammed's of the world? Not only sympathize with such vermin, but see our CIA people as criminals?

Here it is: there are certain people in this country that will always believe the worst about their own country. And will always take the side of America's enemies. It's their default position.

Now, they have a right to believe what they believe. Even if it is motivated by hatred for their homeland.

But when their beliefs are accompanied by actions that put our heroes at risk, we all need to be vocal and condemn these rats.

And that time is now.

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