Friday, September 18, 2009

We Need Options In Life

To the Public Option Advocates:

Why do you call your plan the "Public Option"? The word option means more than one choice, right? But the intent of the so called "Public Option" is to eventually do away with private insurance companies so that the government will supply health care to the masses. (I say that because the President has said so: )

So if the plan is to get rid of the private health insurance industry and let the feds dole out health care, please tell me, where is the "option" part of the plan? At that point, we would have no choice, correct? In fact, when the private insurance companies go by the wayside, and the feds are the only providers of health care insurance, you won't even be allowed the option of not signing up, as the president has demanded that we all sign up for coverage.

You know this stuff has to be snake oil when they market it as an option when the goal is to eliminate every option imaginable.

Fortunately, we have an option right now. An option to say no.

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